Spotted Eagle Ray

Spotted Eagle Ray

Eagle rays are beautiful sights to see. They weigh about 181-227 kg when they’re adults. Spotted eagle rays live up to 25 years. Spotted eagle rays are predators, and the majority of their diet consists of gastropods, mollusks and crabs. They also eat shrimp, octopus, worms and small fish.

Spotted eagle rays also migrate. They migrate from December to March and stop by to have babies. Baby eagle rays are called pups! Spotted eagle rays give birth similar to humans. Pups can already swim immediately from birth. Eagle ray pups are very independent. Eagle rays in general are highly intelligent, the eagle ray exhibits a behavior similar to human curiosity and they will often slow and circle swimmers to get a better look. Spotted eagle rays have been seen following humans and they will quickly catch on if the human lifts rocks or debris that exposes food beneath. But most still have quite a shy personality.

Eagle rays are very cute and funny when they jump out of the water. Scientists disagree when it comes to finding an explanation for this action and consider different hypotheses. They consider it a form of courtship that shows the females the better males. They believe that it helps white spotted stingray get rid of remoras and parasites. Maybe it’s a homing system. Scientists think that when eagle rays jump together, they could indicate their position to isolated individuals. This theory points to a group jumping makes a sound heard miles away. Or maybe it is just because jumping out of the water is fun for them.

A spotted eagle ray’s teeth are like built in can openers and are very efficient. Not only are their mouths a threat to food, but also the stinger that causes immense pain. If a spotted eagle ray stings you it will not be fatal thankfully. The fact is that they are such peaceful creatures that they will only attack if they are the ones to be attacked first! We should all respect the gentle and majestic spotted eagle ray.

Fun Facts

  • A spotted eagle ray’s pattern is unique to each individual, just like a fingerprint!
  • Spotted eagle rays form huge schools of up to several hundred individuals!
  • The pups actually start as eggs in the mother’s body!
  • The spots act like camouflage for them, not just style.

Sabrina Kos
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