Amazing night dive

Amazing night dive

Night dives are always full of surprises. Night diving definitely changes the way we see marine life.  At night the marine world appears to be more beautiful, colorful and mysterious. The experience and calmness of night diving cannot be compared with any other form of scuba diving. It is completely different.

What does it look like down on the reef at night? Which creatures are active at night and how do fish sleep? Every night dive offers something new and exciting to discover – that’s what makes night diving so unique.

As soon as the sun has set, almost everything changes under the water’s surface. A dive site that you have already dived during the day suddenly looks completely different. Communication with hand signals changes because we can’t see our buddy as well as during the day.

What makes night dives so exciting? We search under every coral and in every block for interesting creatures and are often rewarded royally here at the house reef: squid, sea cucumber, spanish dancer, and octopuses are only some of the native inhabitants you can encounter.

Plankton is incredibly small creatures that not that many people know about. Their name comes from the Greek word planktos, meaning to drift or float. Plankton doesn’t swim on their own—they’re carried by tides, currents, and other forces, which determine where they go. Plankton is an important food source for many large and small ocean creatures. The best part about them in my opinion is that plankton plus night dive equals an amazing experience! In the night when it’s dark if you cover up your flashlight or turn it off if that was in the plan then you can wave or clap to see a mysterious glow!


Sabrina Kos
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