Scuba gear is important since without it there won’t be any diving. Scuba stands for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. Here are some of the things that are vital for scuba diving.

1. The regulator.

the regulator is one of the most important items because it’s the thing we breathe with! There is no point of going to scuba dive if you can’t even breathe underwater. In case if someone else loses a lot of their air, there is a backup regulator just in case so a buddy can share their air.

2. The tank.

The tank always comes with a regulator. They always go together and cannot work without each other. All the compressed air is inside the tank. Then when you breathe in, it comes through the regulator and into the lungs. Simple! Just make sure while choosing the tank it has tape on it because you wouldn’t want to go with an empty tank!

3. The pressure gauge.

This is another way to know how much air is in the tank. Once you open the tank, it should show a number near 200, 190-220 is good enough, but more is great. When diving there is a symbol meaning, “how much air do you have?” When there is around 80-50 it would be a good time to tell someone how much air you have so soon the dive can finish, though dives that long aren’t as common.

4. Diving suits.

If the water seems “warm” to you, then that’s thanks to your suit. Whether it’s long sleeved, short sleeved, waterproof, thick or thin, these are essential not to get cold. Water easily takes heat away from your body, so when diving without the suit anyone would become cold within minutes, possibly even seconds.

5. The BCD.

The buoyancy control device (BCD), is necessary because it’s like a bladder. Above water you need to fill it up (positive buoyancy), and underwater release the air (negative buoyancy). A belt helps to sink in salt water but there could be built in pocket to put the weights in instead.

6. The mask.

Isn’t the point to see the wonders of the Red Sea? Well you would need a mask to see underwater. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors so there is a lot to choose from. You need to find the perfect mask for diving. If you don’t the mask will leak so it would be really uncomfortable, or simply you won’t be able to see.

7. Diving fins.

Fins are used to swim better in water. In this case, it is quite important because diving it would be hard considering how much equipment you have, meaning you’re heavy. Plus it kind of helps with the balance not to topple over upside down.

Now you know what you should have each dive, make sure you have them all!

Sabrina Kos
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